All health care disciplines share a common and primary commitment to serving the patient and working toward the ideal of better health for all. While each discipline has its own focus, the scope of health care mandates that healthcare professionals work collaboratively with other related disciplines. Collaboration emanates from an understanding and appreciation of the roles and contributions that each discipline brings to the care delivery experience. Such professional socialization and ability to work together is the result of shared educational and practice experiences.


Multidisciplinary education and practice occur when several disciplines work in parallel, often with independent goals. In contrast, interdisciplinary education may include a variety of disciplines from health and other fields of study that collaborate through joint planning, decision-making, and goal-setting.


In addition to multidisciplinary activities, as a non-profit organization, we believe it is important to provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to participate in the creation and delivery of quality educational content that would otherwise not be possible due to the financial hurdles generally associated with delivery of Continuing Education content.